Child Protection Policy 

As of 2017, the West London Pianoforte Festival (WLPF) have formally adopted the British and International Federation of Festivals (BIFF) Child Protection Policy & Safer Festivals procedures.  

The purpose of the policy is primarily to provide protection for children and young people who participate in the our festivals.

We have included a copy of the WLPF Child Protection Policy together with the Safer Working Practice procedure within the syllabus and programmes; this can also be downloaded separately here

In the interests of all participants, please read and understand the provided information prior to registering your entry.

GDPR Policy & Privacy Notice

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented on 25 May 2018.

In essence, the collection, processing and storage of personal information data is governed by the GDPR.

In order to comply with the GDPR, the WLPF have introduced a new Privacy Notice that explains why and how the WLPF collect, store and use your personal data (in both electronic and physical form).

The Privacy Notice (dated 01 July 2018) can be downloaded here.